Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Soul to start this off.

Here's today's update.

We've got some groovy old soul from Abraham and His Sons, from the year of 1968, This particular gem is called I Can't Do Without you. I have very little information about this group, all I know is that the organ jives well with vocals. Based on cursory research, this was on the Revue label, who also signed on the Chi-Lites at one point. If anyone has any more information about this group or label, I'd be super stoked if you left some comments with some info.

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  1. this is nice easy track have you figured out the artist?

  2. The artist is Abraham and His Sons, it's kind of rare, so it's really difficult to find. Unfortunately, this and Your Mother Understood are the only tracks I can find, and they're both from the same record.

    You can find Your Mother Understood at